Our Studio

The Only Studio to Record Your Album

At Fast Track Productions we pour our heart and soul into our projects. No matter what we always strive to deliver the best product to our clients making sure that they are more than pleased with their experience at our studio whether it is recording, mixing, mastering, a professional photo shoot or even web design/presence.


Square footage

Rooms & Acoustics

Fast Track Productions is an 1800 square foot establishment featuring four main rooms and one off limit area. These rooms being the control room, tracking room, kitchen area, equipment closet and the off limit area. The space isn't the largest but extremely flexible, comfortable, parking is always available and load in is a simple process.

Control room

This room has the control board, rack systems and pretty much everything needed to capture the perfect sound.

Tracking room

This room is used for the recording process, it is a large room with some serious acoustic treatment.

Kitchen Area

This area is basically the hangout area, with refreshments and bites to eat. Whatever you need.

Off Limit Area

This area is off limit to customers and clients, it is the only employee only area of the entire space.

Shawn Rae

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Shawn Rae is the founder, owner, operator and lead tech for Fast Track Productions. Additionally, Shawn is an Audio Technician operating out of Austin, Texas.

Shawn has been playing in local bands for over 15 years and is seasoned with the process and steps it takes for a band to get themselves out there to the public. His passion is recording, mixing and of course playing music. When it comes down to getting everything setup and executed with the proper technique and knowledge base, Shawn Rae does it right.

Sean Bednarz

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Web Designer

Sean Bednarz is a Front End Developer based out of Cleveland, Ohio. He has been a doing both web design and graphic design for more than four years now and since then has created a promising list of clientele and experience.

An artist's image is almost as important as the music they play. Sean helps our artists by creating a structured web presence including a website with management, social media design and management, branding, event/flyer designs, apparel designs and anything else you can think of.